It is a roller coaster ride into the design industry. From my initial dream of a fashion designer to interning as an UI/UX designer, it has been one big round back to the same industry, but a different design field.

This summer, I couldn’t ask for a more purposeful place than GovTech to intern with. It is a golden opportunity to understand the design industry in the public sector and learn from experienced UI/UX designers. At the same time, I also hope to contribute to the government’s national strategic initiative of developing Singapore into a Smart Nation.

Still, discipline is…

During my internship, I was exploring Sketch version control tools to improve on the design workflow, hoping to close the gap between design and working process.

Inside the design team I’m working with, every designer works on Sketch. As designers continuously work on new screens and collaborate with other designers in parallel, how can we maintain a centralised copy of Sketch file with the latest design updates? What could be a better way to organise Sketch file?

Without Sketch version control tool, Sketch file can be disorganised. Designer may hold multiple copies when working on a product feature. …

Design has matured from a largely stylistic endeavor to an industry tasked with solving pain points for people, through human centered design. Design as a profession is evolving into a hybrid industry that is considered as much technical as it is creative. Over the years, companies hire designers for their core strengths in design. Nowadays, companies are looking into developing the designer’s core strength and complementing it with skills to enhance their competencies to work in cross functional teams. Design teams have become more vital to business success.

At IBM, it focuses on building competencies, skillsets and learning how to…

The sharing on Technical Hiring Process was particularly useful in preparing for software engineering interviews. The Hiring Process consists of 3 following assessments.

Round 1 API Assignment (1 week)

Candidate is given an API assignment to work on for a duration of one week. The assignment specs will be given, indicating certain requirements such as API endpoint, etc. Read through it thoroughly and follow the requirements. Give meaningful error messages whenever it is required, even if it is not specified inside the specs.

Solution to this assignment is to be hosted on Github as a form of submission. Although putting it onto Github makes it public…

The team worked in an agile environment — a time boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally from scratch. It was my first experience working in an agile environment with such a big team of about 35 people consisting of Scrum Master, Project Managers, In-House Developers, External Developers, Business Analysts, Designers and etc. Humble to be learning new things from everyone.

In the agile environment, things move really fast. Velocity places a key factor in the project, given limited time and resources to deliver the expectations of the product. At some point in time, the requirements given…

Moon and stars are sources of light. Light are always around us, sometimes bowing down at our feet to guide us to the next step — the ability to take the leap forward. Look up. Look up to the moon and stars. Always look in the direction that you want to move. Regret looks back but faith looks up.

Everyone has a dream. Dreams are the resort of our imagination. Dream pre-play the future; memory replay the past. You dream yours and I dream mine. Money follows vision. It’s the idea that starts the money. It can transform your life…

Yvonne Chua

UI/UX Designer

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